What camera do ya have? Lurve your blog! ;) ^.^

Awe thanks ^^ I use my iphone camera and also my sony a290 :*

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Finally I got a pair of vans. Saving money and looking at sales, and now I have a pair of my own 🙏
Happy valentines day, forever alone and happy like always c: But who needs a relationship, am I right? *cough* Loser *cough* ;3
Yey, I’m back!! Kinda c:
New candle :3 It was 20% off ^^ 
My Chritmas present for my grandma <3

…. To me! Woho, today’s my birthday so I’m feeling happy and I hope you are too. Love you, all of you xox <3

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New shirrtttt! In love with it! And it was on sale too, so I&#8217;m happy about that c:
New picture, yeyy!

Haha hittade din bild på MAX lyxshake, och jag bara: Men vänta lite... MAX är ju svenskt! Hihi hej hej c:

Haha skoj med svenskar! Hejsan ^^ 

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